When we talk about gold, then we will inevitably talk about carats. But let us clarify something. When it comes to carat selection, there is no must. Each category serves its own purpose and has its own distinct characteristics.

In this article we will take a closer look at the most popular carats of the Greek market and we will examine the characteristics of each of them. But let's start with the basics.

What exactly are carats?

When we talk about carats, we are essentially referring to one measurement unit, which identifies the content of pure gold or precious stones, which are present in a piece of jewelry.

What are the most popular types of carats in jewelry?

In goldsmithing, the most popular carat species are divided into 3 categories, which are the following:


  • 9 carat jewelry

9 carat jewelry has low gold content and their main advantage is the low their cost, which is due to their low content of pure gold.

A feature of 9 carat jewelry is that because they are made with an alloy of different metals, which is proportionally larger than gold, it is more hard.


  • 14 carat jewelry

14 carat jewelry is the majority of jewelry in the Greek but also in the world market. And this is by no means accidental. The 14 carats add up more advantages and are considered as the "Golden Section" of goldsmithing.

The main advantages of 14 carat jewelry are the following:

  • They do not tan (oxidize) easily, as they have a high gold content
  • They are the ideal choice in terms of price and quality 
  • There are many more choices in colors (eg rose gold, white gold), but also in the hardness of the alloys


  • 18 carat jewelry

18 carat jewelry is jewelry excellent quality, as they have high content of pure gold. Therefore, their biggest advantage is their high content of pure gold, but this implies respectively higher cost of jewelry.

One disadvantage of 18 carat jewelry, especially rings and wedding rings, is that because the gold alloy is softer, it is less durable from 14 carat jewelry and so can wear out faster from daily use.

It is worth mentioning that this peculiarity is located mainly in rings and wedding rings, since they come in daily contact with other objects when worn even more rarely in other types of jewelry, which do not come into contact with other objects.

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