It is one of the most famous brands in the world, synonymous with style, finesse and design. THE Hugo Boss creates and signs new lines of stationery and accessories making your choices unique both on a personal level and on your professional gifts!

Meet the amazing series of stationery (pens, pens), office supplies (notebooks, notebook covers, envelopes) and accessories (keychain, usb, portable chargers, umbrellas)
with her signature HUGO BOSS!


The line Caption, modern and elegant, in every aspect it is technologically constructed with so much care that it provides a perfectly balanced writing experience.
Fine finishes: classic black lacquer with chrome touches, elegant metallic pattern in matte black and a design contrast between matte materials and glossy surfaces.


The pen series Training appeared for the first time this season and quickly becomes a classic. Their elegant shape gives a modern and active feel. The new "ribbon Training»Plays with the subtle contrast between the deep blue and black soft touch lacquer, which is accentuated by the dark chrome details. The white logo on the lid gives a sense of style and innovation.


The symbol series storyline This year it is completed with new writing accessories, made of luxurious soft materials. Additional new versions of pens Training are decorated with the same materials, the lids of which are made of a succession of leather and metal rings, resulting in a refined but classic result.

The notebooks storyline return with a new and original design. They are available with prints that refer directly to the house's clothing line, whether it is geometric, linear designs, or the monogram. Epitome, always maintaining the same soft texture of the classic versions.

Every item of pens and notebooks in the series storyline, in a variety of discreet, vibrant colors, has been designed inspired by functional minimalism. Absolutely luxurious elements give the collection a suspicion of modernity and wonderful construction.


The line Tire, which includes pens and envelopes, is decorated with prints inspired by sports cars, combining modern minimalism with sporty aesthetics. The dark chrome plating gives this line an air of urban elegance, while the perfectly balanced silhouettes and the careful ergonomics give the best graphic experience.


 The line Pure, with its conical but aerodynamic design, redefines modern lines through structural simplicity. The new version Tire is the embodiment of the technical precision and the modern sense of the series. The body is engraved with a graphic print inspired by its connection Hugo Boss with speed racing sports. The surface is completely black, playing with the contrast between the metallic black lid and the soft feel of the rubber print.


Η Tradition is a series of writing accessories made of refined embossed leather. Its color palette, as well as metallic details, are both modern and classic, making it the perfect complement to the range of writing tools. The virtual pen Pure is being redesigned this year in a leather version, and its body is wrapped in luxurious material, giving a timeless image and creating wonderful gift sets.


The line Mechanic is inspired by raw industrial aesthetics, but its finishes and surfaces betray the luxury of construction. The bodies are made of rows of heterogeneous elements, each plated and polished separately, giving an unexpected, fine and refined result.


The geometric and architectural shape of the pen Step manages to be both unique and classic. The soft surface of the lid and the versatile body are offered in two versions that complement each other beautifully: dark blue and matte lacquer with dark chrome details and an unexpected, absolutely modern version, all in matte chrome. The series stands out for its high technique and perfect balance that allow the ideal writing experience.


The collection Grace is the expression of refined luxury, with its timeless, classic lines. Playing with the discreet duality between the polyhedral lid and the striped body, it is the embodiment of attention to detail and sophisticated functionality. This ultimate bold and luxurious item is offered with metallic details in chrome or rose gold.


The series Pillar with contrasting textures and structural design, is a tribute to industrial aesthetics. The refined surfaces and the unexpected color combinations of blue and dark chrome, anthracite with rose gold are the perfect combination of finishes, giving modernism and elegance.


The line Epitome is designed using straight and classic shapes. Its originality lies in the innovative treatment of surfaces, with the logo Hugo Boss engraved on the cold, dark, chrome surface, giving an abstract air. A series that is absolutely classic and unquestionably modern.


The line Gear, first introduced last season, is designed using aerodynamic shapes and a highly energetic feel. The perfectly balanced skeleton returns this year, complemented by a rainbow of monochrome designs. The matte black details give this sporty line the modern, trendy feel of the brand. Hugo Boss.


The line Gear is inspired by the idea of ​​performance and borrows elements from the brand's typical athleisure collection. An idea strongly present in the perfectly balanced skeleton, giving a perfect writing experience.


The pen series Minimal is the ultimate manifestation of simplicity. Its perfectly balanced proportions create an absolutely enjoyable and efficient writing experience. The bodies are lacquered with a minimalist matte finish, while the lids, available in rose gold and light and dark chrome, give the series a sense of sincere simplicity.


Designed on light and simple frames Frame, is the epitome of classicism. With high performance, due to the balance of the frames, it is at the same time extremely functional and elegant. The luxurious, shiny lacquer finishes are available in black but also in fresh light gray and midnight blue, giving a modern feel to this elementary range.


With its minimalist design and matte body, the series Inception inhaled by an air of hard industrial rawness. The logo, engraved on the surface of the body is both distinct and discreet. Shiny metallic details give just the right amount of luxury.


The timeless line of pens, with its classic clean lines, returns with new luxurious finishes. The black matte lacquered lid contrasts sharply with the body, wrapped in soft granular material. The dark chrome details give an air of minimalist elegance.


The pieces of the collection Column are the perfect balance between elegant contrasts and high construction. The refined details of the rings, emphasizing the contrast between glossy and matte plating, offer an Art Deco design element to these modern writing tools.


Every detail of the line of writing accessories Elegance has been designed based on the incompatible style and functionality. Perfectly crafted envelopes made of luxury leather are available in black, burgundy or light gold, creating a practical, modern and professional item.


The line Essential with its classic character, it also has a more feminine side, with versions in many vibrant feminine shades: Cream, burgundy, gray, blue, and black. The light golden details give this series timeless elegance.

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