Everything you need to know about straps

       Now that the summer holidays are slowly coming to an end and the sea baths are decreasing, maybe it's time to renew the strap that "dresses" your watch. Either from the incessant clubbing, or the endless dives or maybe this cocktail that fell on him by accident to wear your old leash. But in the search for a new one, you may have realized that this market is chaotic and finding the ideal, for you, may seem like a bigger feat than you thought. 

Fortunately, we here at Goldy We came to help you by explaining the basics:

initially, the straps are usually divided according to their construction material. So we have them leather straps, these from rubber, textiles, etc.

Of course, to choose a strap, you must also know the size that corresponds to your watch. This is the distance between the two handles that connect the watch to the strap / bracelet. The following image is informative: 

So for choosing a strap you need to know what material you want it to be and what size strap you are looking for. However, if you decide that you are looking for a leather strap, you will quickly realize that there is a huge variety of skins to choose from. In general the most economical skins are those from calf and buffalo while a more premium category are skins from snake and lizard. Above, we find skins from antelope, crocodile and alligator. While, one of the most expensive skins you can find is his shark

Since a watch is a timeless piece of exile jewelry that your hand wears over time, it makes sense to pay attention to every detail. So, something you also have to decide before you go shopping tokas color you want to get and what color is best combined with your strap and watch. The two main options are the χρυσός and silver interest.

Therefore, the purchase of thongs It is not a small matter and there are several parameters that you must calculate first. Color, material, texture, texture and size are some of the most important criteria. To find the perfect leash for you, you can see the Goldy collection here. Also, if you think it's time for a new watch, why not take a look here