Mother's Day is one of the most beautiful days of the year when we have the opportunity to celebrate the most important women in our lives, these real superheroes who dedicate their lives to caring for us and loving us. This day is, therefore, exclusively dedicated to the future, the young but also the experienced mother who, especially in the last year, have faced unbelievably many difficulties and yet they are there for us! 

   This year, Mother's Day is Sunday 9/5 and if you find finding a suitable gift for the occasion a difficult affair, then the Goldy will loosen your hands. To facilitate you, we have to suggest you various wonderful jewelry ideas. Or choose a necklace with it initial letter or name, or a necklace that writes mum, the following suggestions will enchant the woman for whom it is intended.

A timeless and elegant option is a necklace in either gold, or pink-gold, or silver with the word mum above:

Necklaces Z5067G Infinite Mom Of Gold Plated Silver - €30

Necklaces G5602R Mom In Rose Gold Plated Silver - €30

Necklaces GM425R Mom I Love You From Rose Gold Plated Silver - €30

Necklace Infinite Mom I love you GM145W Platinum Plating - €30

Otherwise, another very sweet idea is a necklace that brings her directly to her mind. family your:

Family Necklace E5509CC Made of Rose Gold Plated Silver with Pearls - €30

Family Necklace G1000CR Made of Rose Gold Plated Silver with Enamel - €30

Family Necklace G2000CRW Platinum Plating - Zircon €35

Family Necklace G2000RR Made of Rose Gold Plated Silver with Zircon - €35

For more colors and designs, see the entire jewelry collection exclusively for mom here!

Another famous proposition is jewelry with either first letter of the name, or with the whole name:

Name Alexandra GM110Y Made of Gold Plated Silver - €25

Name Eleni GM105R Made of Rose Gold Plated Silver - €25

Name Wisdom GM118W Platinum Plating - €25

Bracelet with the name Eleni BR7624 Rose Gold with White Gold K9 - €80

Necklaces G8003R Monogram Φ Pink Gold 9ct with Zircon - €85

Necklace GM117-18 Monogram T - Platinum Plating - €20

Necklaces G8009 Monogram K White Gold 9ct with Zircon - €85

Necklaces G8004 Monogram X White Gold 9ct with Zircon - €85

And because love is what for the rest of their lives the mothers of the world offer their children, a jewel with καρδιά is a great choice:

puppies PUP06968G Gold Plated Heart Necklace


puppies PUP26297R Heart Necklace Made of Rose Gold Plated Steel  


You can see all the jewelry hearts here!

And a quarter of a mother is enough for ten lives, and again something will be left over.

Odysseus Elytis

   Whatever gift you choose, make sure it is full of love for the most important person in your life, your mother. We at Goldy we suggested you some unique jewelry ideas but if you want, you can take a look and see our entire jewelry collection by clicking here or if you think a watch will be a better gift look at all the watches here