Slowly, with the end of February, Winter and their wild bad weather are gradually saying goodbye to us, a fact that informally means the beginning of baptisms. Future godparents certainly have a lot of responsibilities to settle, one of the most important of which is choosing a cross

A baptismal cross is a gift, a heirloom that the child will keep for a lifetime. It is a symbol of true and selfless love of the godfather to the baptismal font. Therefore, in the midst of losing his duties, the search for a truly ideal cross can be another burden. 

For this reason, we here at Goldy we decided to help, we collected some smart options from the large collection of our store in baptismal crosses and we present them to you: 

Since the choice boy cross is a little more difficult case, we will start with that.

In platinum

In χρυσό:

As for girls, the options are many in different styles and colors:

In platinum:

In χρυσό:

These are some of the many choices in baptismal crosses that you will find at Goldy! Godfathers and godmothers, we wholeheartedly wish you the best and whatever choice you make on the cross, to choose something that will accompany your baptism forever and will remind him how much you love it. To see our entire collection in crosses click here.