Everything you need to know about waterproof watches!

Summer, having arrived for good now, makes more urgent the need for a well-waterproof watch that can withstand your summer dives! However, what about waterproofing watches? What should you look for to be sure that you will not see water and Nemo is playing with the clock of your watch?

So let's look at waterproofing levels and what they mean:

1) 3 Atmospheres (3 ATMs): This is the most simple level of waterproofing and essentially indicates that the watch is resistant only to hand washing. Not recommended for swimming.

2) 5 Atmospheres (5ATM) -50 meters: At this level, protection is offered for both hand washing and swimming (ideally up to 50 meters but ideally avoided) as well as for cold water work. Showering is also allowed but always talking about lukewarm or cool water* 

3) 10 Atmospheres (10ATM) -100 meters: Here we are now approaching the area of ​​diving watches (divers). Of course, they are used for hand washing, for showering but also for swimming (in ideal conditions up to 100 meters) and water sports!

4) 20 Atmospheres (20ATM) -200 meters: Now, we are clearly at the level of diving watches. This level of waterproofing offers protection up to 200 meters and is preferred by many swimmers and people whose profession is related to the sea.

5) 30 Atmospheres (30ATM) -300 meters: Ok, if you are looking for a watch with such waterproofing or you are very good at diving or you are engaged in diving or you promise something related to the sea. Watches with this level of protection will make you white-faced in everything that has to do with your summer vacation, whether it is diving in exotic seas or diving in the depths of the ocean.

*Whatever waterproofing a watch has, the hot water bath is NOT recommended as water vapor passes through the dial glass

We at Goldy We suggest that if you are looking for a watch for your summer vacation, choose one with a degree of waterproofing. 10 atmospheres if you want to swim at a shallow depth and not think about the water that can fall on it or the 20 atmospheres if you are a little more adventurous and you are going to dive!

Of course for a simpler use a watch 5 atmospheres provides adequate protection and you will find a huge collection here! Whatever you choose, however, we wish your holidays this year to be one of the most beautiful you have ever experienced, to rest and have fun with your soul as we know how difficult a year it is for everyone!

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