Valentine's Day is a special Valentine's Day as its roots are anything but romantic. Today, however, the holiday has become established as the pre-eminent day that Eros is honored and celebrated by millions of lovers around the world.

Valentine's Day has its roots in Ancient Rome where Lupercalia was celebrated (in honor of the god Lupercus, protector of shepherds and fertility) and in the prohibition of this holiday by Pope Gelasius I. 

He was the one who established Valentine's Day, although it is not clear in whose honor he is (There are at least 3 Valentines who "claim" this position).

The photo on the left is a depiction of one of the 3 Valentines as mentioned above who is said to have been a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, who was beaten, stoned and finally beheaded on February 14, 1700 years ago in Rome as he secretly married young couples, something he had the then emperor Claudius II so that his soldiers would not be influenced.

Today, several centuries later, the holiday has been established as a Valentine's Day, an opportunity for people to express their affection, love and gratitude to their other half (they may even apologize in some cases!). But what do we start with? A card; A beautiful poem? A flower; A sweet move? All of these are really nice moves and are a true expression of what true love is. However, sometimes, you may want to make a more special, luxurious gift, a gift that you can be sure that as soon as he sees it, your relationship will go crazy! For him, then, the goal we at Goldy we are here, we found the ideal gifts for this day at great prices and we present them to you.

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